Out-of-School programme
Every summer vacation, learning center will develop various overseas summer school programme for students, including English learning, independent research and overseas research projects, and strive to meet the diverse needs of students' self enhancement and further education. The summer school learning experience not only helps students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, but also increases their advantages for university applications, enriches their learning experience, and prepares them for undergraduate studies in the future.
Comprehensive Cambridge Study programme
Comprehensive Cambridge Study programme is a customized to improving the IELTS ability and preparing university applications in G10 and G11. In six weeks, students will receive the in-tensive training of IELTS and finish the IELTS test. Meanwhile, they will visit the top British universities to get the experience of the British campus life and the information of future university application, and feel the cultural of the UK in a strong cultural atmosphere.
Campus Learning Center (CLC) will continue to carry out a series of new activities in the UK during the summer vacation of 2019. The following are the characteristics of the courses.

Comprehensive Cambridge Study programme
30th June – 3th August 2019

Characteristics of Study programme

A well-designed high-intensity IELTS course with multiple IELTS simulation tests, including targeted IELTS online training, preparation for IELTS (targeted training).

The Exploration Journey of British’s Top Universities, famous teacher and famous Enterprises. The following are the brief information of the courses,
- Visits to several universities – including Oxford University and Cambridge University.
- All-round University application guidance course, preparing for world famous schools.
- Visit the famous British companies ARM and MACE Groups Company, learn about the university curriculum research field and related career planning in advance.

Encounter the British culture gluttonous guest, from the society, the culture, the British heavyweight guest, from the society, the culture, From the social point of view, to explore the most classical culture and tradition of Great Britain by opening up students undefined vision and pattern to follow the footsteps of history.

QED qualification certificate for British Ofqual certification. (This certificate may be used as an application for the UK. The highlight of university materials is recognized by British universities

Schedule and course arrangements of Study programme
Date: March - Mid-May
- IELTS online training
- IELTS simulation tests

IELTS test week 1: Introduction of IELTS test, listening and reading
- Connection of Chinese and British cultural differences, learning and Cultural habits.
- Visit Oxford University, meet with interviewers and interact with Oxford University students
- Culture Travel Day: London

Week 2: reading, university application materials and academic writing
- Dinner and dialogue: the history and tradition of the British Royal Family
- Visit Cambridge University and meet with interviewers
- Experience course of university Lecture (Engineering)

Week 3: College application practice and oral English
- College application material writing practice
- Visit University College London and meet with interviewers
- Dinner and Dialogue: Introduction of the impact of British Culture on the World

Week 4: University application interview and IELTS simulation tests
- Experience course of university Lecture (Economics and Social Sciences)
- Visit the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and meet with interviewers
- Visit Imperial College London and meet with interviewers
- Cultural tour: Hometown of Shakespeare and Coventry

Week 5: Personal practice and official test week
- Comprehensive assessment and preparation of IELTS
- Official IELTS tests
- Graduation ceremony and visit to Windsor castle
UC Berkeley Summer Course
As one of the most popular summer course providers, UC Berkeley attracts more than 16000 students every year from all over the world. It offers Business, Law, Science, Media, History, Literature and many other subjects. Students are able to receive credits and certificate recognized by US universities after finishing the summer course. During this programme students also get the chance to visit the top 50 US universities in California and talk to their admissions officers.