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CAS Introduction
At ULink we strive to help all of our students reach their goals. ULink students are highly sought after by high level universities and we often have colleges contacting us to interview our top students. The College Application Services (CAS) office will guide ULink students as they choose their college/university path.

Students will begin researching possible choices during their junior year. The College officers will facilitate a junior seminar that will guide them through the sometimes daunting process of research and multiple college applications.

In addition, the College Officers will collaborate with the English department to assist the students in preparing their personal statement that will accompany every application.
During their senior year, students will finalize their university applications and attend the Senior Seminar that will guide them through the final application steps.
During their time here they will benefit from college fairs, visits and other events coordinated by our College Application Service Coordinator.

Western College/University Entrance Requirements Beyond the Great Grades!
Statement from our CAS Department…

US and UK universities are mainly looking for Chinese students who will give to the community. They will more readily say "Yes" if the student can contribute to the community as a great sportsperson, debater, dancer, actor, teacher, chef, activist, researcher, leader, gamer, music maker. This is, of course, in addition to excellent academics, which are a given. Hence, participation in clubs and after-school activities such as team sports and volunteering, is really important preparation for study in the US and UK. By doing so, a student must communicate to the College that there is more to him/her than book learning.

The CAS Office is here to help students find the right place.

Many of the universities and colleges require a volunteering and/or community service component of the application. ULink can provide you with these opportunities. Please contact the ULink Volunteer Association. It creates opportunities for students to get involved! These experiences can range from a few hours at a parent meeting, all the way to a Saturday at a retirement home.
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