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Grade Level/Homeroom
These two systems are guided by the 4Cs of the behaviour code: CARE, COURTESY, COMMITMENT, and COOPERATION & encourage students to embrace the 3 Learner Goals: Global Citizens, Life Long Learners and Critical Thinkers- as they endeavour to be the best that they can be.

The House system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The Houses provide for positive competition and a closer rapport between students and teachers. It also serves to help new staff and students adapt to the culture of ULink. Upon entering the school, students will feel a sense of belonging by becoming part of a House community.

The House system provides opportunities for positive interaction among grades 9 to 11. Grade 12 students stay in one house since they are on a separate campus (school year 2014-2015). For monthly competitions between the houses, grade 12 students will compete against the other houses. Students will have the opportunity to gain house points, both individually and collectively for their House, through various sporting, academic and cultural activities. This in turn, will promote healthy competition and allow a sense of mentoring and leadership to build up between the older and the younger students.
Awarding House Points
Teachers and staff use the House system as a way to reward students for a high level of effort or achievement.

Suggestions for what House points can be awarded for include;
• highest score on a test.
• greatest improvement in test score.
• winning a quiz/competition.
• high level of effort on a piece of class work or homework.
• consistent/sustained effort.
• showing leadership skills and directing activities within class.
• being helpful and supportive of others.
• excellent verbal contributions during lesson time.
• good teamwork/group discussions.
• presentations.
House points should be awarded for extra effort, not the normal standard that should be expected by everyone.

One house point at a time is the standard. More points can be added for greater achievement. 3 points is the maximum that any single student should be awarded at one time – this should be for something exceptional.

Grade Level Coordination allows staff to track and guide students within their grade level. The Coordinators and Homeroom Supervisors will directly deal with any low to medium academic, attendance, behavioural or social and emotional issues. Parents should feel free to contact them if the need arises.
Global Citizenship
Global Citizenship lessons will be delivered once a week to all students.
This lesson will be created by the Counselor and GLCs in collaboration with Homeroom Teachers andomeroom andand delivered by Homeroom Supervisors.
These classroom presentations are related to positive personal growth and development for all students. Lessons will include topics such as relationships, substance abuse, prejudice, life abroad, etc. Students are required to attend all these classes.

Parent Outreach
The Student Affairs Office may contact parents for the following and other reasons where a student’s well-being is a concern:
Assistance needed in specific areas to help student achieve success in school;
• Concern regarding a student’s emotional well-being or behavioural issues;
• To schedule a meeting and/or conference; and Excessive absences.
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