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ULink College delivers the IGCSE and A Level programmes to students between 14 – 19 years of age.

Students will have compulsory courses and optional courses in each grade; the number of compulsory courses varies depending on the students grade level.

IGCSE’s and A Levels have widespread international recognition as educational qualifications. The IGCSE’s will allow students to enter schools in the UK, USA, Canada, etc. whilst A Levels will offer the students a route to the vast majority of universities in the world.

IGCSE’s are graded on a scale of A* - G with grade U as a fail. Students sitting IGCSE’s should gain five IGCSE qualifications at Grade A* - C to progress to the A Level programme.

Students at U Link College study the IGCSE’s over one or two years depending on their entry point to the school. At the end of IG2 (grade 10) students will sit external CIE examinations to gain their IGCSE Exam grades.

A Level qualifications are broken down into two sections: AS and A2 Levels. Students sit the AS Level in their first year taking external CIE examinations at the end of the year. In their second year they sit their A2 level qualification and the grades for the two years combine to give them their final A Level grade.

A Levels are highly specialized and a student will normally take three subjects, although occasionally exceptional students take four or five.
ULink Courses and Electives:
Students who find that their schedules are not full will have the opportunity to choose from ULink Courses or may be assigned courses if deemed in their best interest. These courses may not take place at the IGCSE or A Levels, however, will maintain a rigorous standard while enriching the student’s educational experience.

IG1, 2 (GRADES 9, 10)

AS, A2 (GRADES 11, 12)


MATHEMATICS Pathways Statement

The Mathematics program is designed to allow students who excel in Mathematics to pursue this field to the highest level outside of university as well as offer a solid grounding in Mathematics for those students who wish to pursue Humanities or Business based education.

* Students in Grade 10 will be placed into a Mathematics pathway that is suited to their ability. In Grade 11 students have the option of which pathway to choose, should they meet the criteria for that pathway.
Students request to move up or down a path will be judged by subject teachers, according to the following criteria:
• Course work
• Class performance
• Motivation
Each pathway is designed to meet the needs of different groups of students.
Each pathway is designed to allow students to gain at least an IGCSE in Mathematics and extends tostudents to gain IGCSE International Mathematics, IGCSE Additional Mathematics, A Level mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics.
Examinations are compulsory at different points in different pathways.

External Mathematics Examinations

Explanation of Math Pathways

USA Exam / AP
Students in every Math Pathway may want to sit an AP Math Exam. They should contact DPAA or Assistant Director for procedure.
Pathway 1
This pathway ensures that students gain a solid understanding of mathematics which includes an IGCSE in Mathematics. In Grades 11 and 12 students will take an internally designed and assessed course that offers them the opportunity take three A Level subjects other than Mathematics whilst completing Mathematics courses which meet university expectations.
Pathway 2
This pathway enables students to gain IGCSE’s in Mathematics in Grade 9, allowing them to progress to take A Level Mathematics (including Statistics and Mechanics).  Students would graduate with an A Level in Mathematics in two years to complete the course, giving a better balance of time should the student wish to take three additional A Level subjects.
Pathway 3
This pathway is designed for students who wish to go on to study a degree requiring an understanding of complex mathematics such as Engineering. The students would gain the following qualifications: IGCSE International Mathematics, IGCSE Additional Mathematics, A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics (including Further Statistics and Mechanics).

ENGLISH Pathways and reading list

ULink College has designed a curriculum to meet the needs of our students that provides a program that engages, challenges and supports them. The courses are structured around the skills of the Common Core and different CIE qualifications. Although the school instruction doesn’t directly follow exam preparation offered by CIE, students are prepared, and will take these exams.
We offer students the opportunity to take up to three CIE IGCSE’s in English: ESL, EFL and English Literature.
The top universities in the UK may require students to get a grade B in IGCSE EFL to show their ability to access the courses. This is a requirement that is additionally asked to A Level grades.
As a school that supports our students, we recognize the importance of this qualification and offer it additionally to our ULink English program.
The English program is designed to take into account the students language ability and provide a platform for every student’s development.

*Students can move between pathways (depending on progress) at two points in the year; December and June.
The English program:
· supports students for a variety of external English examinations including IGCSE English as a First Language, IELTS, TOEFL according to the recommended times on the chart below.
· develops the students English abilities with the aim of ensuring that students are ready to succeed in their studies abroad rather than just being prepared for specific entrance examinations; and
· IGCSE ESL is still available but we recommend students to sit the EFL due to the high academic rigor it represents and acceptance by top universities.
External English Examinations

Explanation of English Pathways

Pathway 1
This pathway is designed for students needing the most support with language development. The pathway will have a primary focus on ESL skills while looking to extend students abilities so they progress into intermediate or advanced English during their time in the school.
Pathway 2
Pathway 2 is for students who have solid language ability and serves as a stepping stone for their progress to advanced English.
Pathway 3
This pathway is for students demonstrating language ability similar to that of a native speaker. The program is designed to challenge and incorporate language development, literature and research skills at a level that would be expected of a student in an English speaking national system.
*Students can change pathways in December or June for the following year depending on progress in their current study and criteria for placement that is set by the English faculty and approved by the Academic Principal and Director.
*All pathways have writing, research, and literature elements to help further develop essential skills. Our literacy standards are incorporated into our instructional program for all students.
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